Where to teach English in European Countries


Where to teach English in Europe

If you're a certified or skilled English teacher then it should not be very difficult to find a job in Europe. After all, everyone in the European Union really needs some English eventually. Therefore there's a great deal of work to be had but the trick is obtaining these jobs teaching English in a location that you will actually love. The more well-known the country or city, the greater levels of competition you'll encounter for each job opening.

How do I apply for an English teaching job in Europe?

If you are capable to work in a wide variety of countries and situations, then you might wish to think about commencing along with some of the TESL sites. You can search these web sites to reduce the different countries & roles that you can start off teaching. You will probably be contesting towards other teachers seeking work however, if you've done a considerable job preparing your CV and excel in the job interviews, it is just a matter of time before you will probably be given a teaching position.

If you prefer to have a head start on applying, you must also register for new job email notifications from TeacherHit - a modern job website that targets just on teaching jobs in Europe.

In case you are dead set on locating a job teaching English in the more popular European countries then you definitely may also want to think about just moving to your chosen city first before you even have a job. It appears risky to relocate abroad without a promise of work but the the truth is that in a fast-moving city, there are lots of English teaching jobs for native speakers that come up quickly & are filled quickly. In case you are already in-country, interacting with educators, DOS's (Director of studies) & students subsequently these jobs can just fall into your lap. Additionally in case you are already in the country, it reveals a higher level of determination and definately will make the school much more comfortable hiring you.

When is the right time to apply for European English teaching jobs?

 To plan your teaching transition to European countries, make sure you are paying attention to the school calendar. English programs & classes are likely to start in September and set off up until the summer, June or July. But remember that is just when the school year starts. If you would like be working that year you'll need to be running earlier than schedule and time your move closer to mid to late August. Schools & employers will often need to hire teachers immediately as other educators do not renew contracts or agreements in late summer. You do not wish to miss out on your opportunity by arriving too late. The months are totally different but the same idea applies at the end of the calendar year. As schools have winter breaks, it's another time when job hiring happens.

Exactly why be an English teacher in Europe?

None of this advice will be specially helpful to you if you don't love teaching or for the European country that you wish to relocate to. To acquire a teaching job in European countries you will require some organization, CV writing and sheer willpower to get a work. Before you buy your plane ticket & make the big jump you should definitely ask yourself if you are ready to make the move, leave behind friends & loved ones and create a big change in your life. Probably the most successful English teachers are those that can graciously answer Yes to all of those items.

Teaching English in Europe is a great way to see new countries, discover culture, drink tasty beers and learn more of you. The job itself is sometimes frustrating and at in other cases incredibly satisfying. However it always requires patience and keenness for helping others to learn. Even when the job only requires that you be a native speaker, you should consider every aspect of the position before you make the decision. It can be a life-changing experience that you should go after if it is something which interests you.

Where to teach English in Europe


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